Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sauerkraut in pictures, and under 10 minutes

aut in pictures, and under 10 minutes

  1. Peel and discard any wilted outer leaves. Rinse the cabbage head.
  2. Core the cabbage. I discarded the core, but you could also include it.
  3. Cut it into pieces that fit in your food processor's chute.
  4. Use the slicer blade and shred it (not the grater/shredder blade, the slicer will get it fine enough).
  5. Weigh it.
  6. Add 2% salt by weight. In this case I added 7 grams. Add salt: 4 teaspoons per kilogram. In this case, I used 1.5t.
  7. Use your hands to smoosh it and wilt the cabbage leaves. You're trying to get it to release its own water to make a brine.
  8. Pack it into a jar. The cabbage should be fully submerged in the brine. If not, add a touch of water.
  9. Put a lid on it and label it with the date. Leave it on the counter for a few days. Check on it regularly to ensure it's still submerged in the brine. Taste it every so often. Once it's ripe put it in the fridge to slow ripening.
Notes: The first picture was taken at 7:15, the last at 7:25. Feel free to add other veggies and dress it up. Just follow the same rules, easy peasy.

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