Monday, November 21, 2011

Bringing Lunches to Work

I've recently found myself back in the corporate world, which means dealing with the uncertainties of lunch. Eating out while avoiding excess grains and starches can be challenging, so I opt to bring my lunch at least four days a week. To make things easy, I do some prep work on Sunday evening. The goal is simple: in the mornings before work, making my lunch should be as easy as grabbing handfuls of ingredients--no prep, cutting, or dirtying dishes.

To that end, the first picture shows all of my little containers of deliciousness. Clockwise from the top: lettuce, baked boneless chicken thighs (topped in seasoning & olive oil, then diced and mixed back in with its drippings), avocado, red capsicum/bell pepper, feta, marinated olives, raw onion and tomatoes. The mix varies a bit from week to week, but you get the idea.

Assemble, top with oil, and off I go to work. An hour of prep on Sunday means making a lunch takes five minutes each morning.


  1. so as a fellow traveler, what kind of foods would you recommend buying that keep long enough to eat healthy like this? drop some knowledge on me

  2. Instead of going out to dinner Monday night, go to a grocery store. Get a nice head of lettuce, some veggies, and cold cuts from the deli to make high-protein, low-carb salads for lunches for the week. Leave bottles of olive oil & vinegar in your office desk drawer.