Saturday, June 18, 2011

Clarified Butter

One of the best cooking oils – richly flavored with a high smoke point make clarified butter one of my favorite and most versatile cooking oils. It's easy to make. I use it for eggs, veggies, searing meats… you name it.
  • Start with good butter. This is summer butter (made from milk when the cows are out to pasture, which means it's higher in Omega 3s) from a local creamery in Wisconsin.
  • Melt it.
  • Simmer it over medium to medium-low heat. Keep simmering.
  • Eventually the milk solids clump together (the chunks on the bottom). Skim off and discard the foam on top. The butterfat (the clear golden liquid) is what you want. Pour it through a fine strainer and store.
  • Done!

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